How much overhang can you have without additional support?

This question comes up daily and affects layout and overall design of many kitchens.

The straight answer is up to 12 inches for granite, providing 2/3 or more is cantilevered to offset the unsupported weight.

You can have more and sometimes less is recommended depending upon the actual stone. Very hard stones can safely support more overhang, providing the 2/3 cantilevered criteria is met. Softer or more fragile stones may dictate less overhang.

What options do you have if you just have to have more overhang?

-Corbels  Visible but decorative

-Brackets Inexpensive and effective, installed properly works better on wall tops than upon cabinets themselves.

-Legs -Visible, decorative but in the way of chairs and peoples legs.

-Granite Counter top support brackets Hidden and concealed but offers great support. They
must be installed before the granite and cut into the cabinet itself. They are specifically designed for this challenge.

-Rods Can be installed inside of the stone to strengthen and potentially extend the limit as this technique does reinforces fragile stones, but does nothing to extend the cantilever rule of 2/3rds